Month: December 2017

Indra Sjafri Denies So League Coach 2

Indra Sjafri Denies So League Coach 2

Indra Sjafri denied the news if he will be docked club, Persika Karawang. He is rumored to be the Technical Director at the club from Karawang origin.

In Persika itself reportedly Indra will work with Ricky Nelson. Ricky himself ascertained to be coach of Laskar Jawara.

However, he came to Karawang not to become technical director, Indra Sjafi will realize the establishment of a football academy there. The plan he will find the seeds of football players in Karawang.

“The truth is I make a football academy in Karawang,” said Indra via short message Wednesday (13/12/2017).

Potential talent net in Karawang

Indra said, he did not need to get a position in Persika to build football Karawang. Given, Indra is now focusing on the development of youth soccer.

“True, but his direction to the development of football in Karawang, one of the academy,” said the former coach of Bali.

Indra Sjafri Academy will be opened in January 2018, which aims to capture the potential talents in Karawang. In addition, the former Bali United coach is also interested to advance football Karawang, after getting an offer from Vice Regent Karawang, Ahmad Zamakhsyari.

Estuary from Indra Sjafri academy will be promoted graduates to Persika senior team. Academy dropout players are expected to be the backbone of the team in the future, also formed Persika as a club with a structured formation ladder.

Ryuji Utomo to Join Thailand Club

Ryuji Utomo to Join Thailand Club

Persija Jakarta defender, Ryuji Utomo, reportedly joined one of the clubs in Thailand. PTT Rayong mentioned to be interested in the lover of artist Ariel Tatum Agen judi online.

After Evan Dimas and Ilham Udin Armaiyn who have joined the Malaysian club Selangor FA, it is Ryuji’s turn to look for another experience abroad. The difference, Ryuji will be anchored to the Land of the White Elephant.

Rumors grew stronger after a video that Ryuji uploaded on his Instagram @Ryuji Utomo showed him in Bangkok Hospital, Thailand.

The agent, Gabriel Budi Liminto, chose to remain silent, not dismissing or justifying the news.

“Can not confirm, yet can comment,” Gabriel said when contacted detikSport, Sunday (3/12/2017).

“Tomorrow if my official confirm yes,” he said later when asked if there are other offers other than PPT Rayong.